czwartek, 7 maja 2015

Weddingshe - special dresses for children!

Wedding is a special event for every bride. Guests always wonder, how will the bride look like in this lovely day! Today for a change, I would like to show you my inspirations for mums and their small princesses: cute flower girl dresses. Because who is the sweetest person who walks behind the bridesmaid? Of course, a flower girl :)) It's so cute that flower girls always bring smiles to a wedding party and guests. During the wedding everyone's concentration is also on the flower girls as they walks behind the bridesmaids, thinning out petals of the flowers along the aisle they walk. So it's very important to choose a pretty dress for a girl who wants to feel like a princess or star. All the more these days are the era of smartphones times. There are paparazzi everywhere who like taking photos, making movies and later everyone can look at photos and admire dresses on Facebook, Twitter, hehe xD
If you wonder where to buy a lovely dress for the pretty flower girl on wedding, Weddingshe is a very good choice. This online store offers so many beautiful unique flower girl dresses for children of different ages. You need to take into deliberation the type of fabric. Chiffon, cotton, tera-cotton, georgette and choosing the linen that is soft and light in weight. Also you can choose your favourite color. All the more spring is the season of colors. All dresses are stylish and adorable. Small princesses will be delighted. I think, in this unforgettable day everyone should be happy, because our memories are priceless :)

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  1. How cute. The last one is my fav.

  2. The last dress it's very cute!

  3. Przepiękne sukienki :) Pozdrawiam Aniu :)

  4. cute
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  5. Beautiful dresses

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  6. so cute, I love dress with band :)

  7. Piękne sukienki :)

  8. Oh, these flower girls are so sweet! I love weddings and seeing elegant and beautiful dresses! This is such a great celebration, everybody so happy! Hope you have a nice weekend!